Refocus (Maybe?)

Friday, May 10, 2013

It's no secret to anyone that I'm fighting a bad case of MUGEN burnout. I thought when I quit my job back in February to follow my passion and join an exciting new startup in Silicon Valley, I'd have way more free time for MUGEN and freelance game development than I did before. Turns out I've been so excited about the stuff we're building (hopefully more on that soon), that I haven't done much else, code-wise.

Plus, getting a house ready to sell is a HUGE time-sink.

Anyway, I wanted to say that I'm going to try something that I haven't attempted for a few years: making myself a blogging schedule.

Like here, my writing over on my other blog has crawled to a standstill, but like here, I want to keep blogging, and keep doing interesting work worth blogging about. Here's what I've started trying to do this week, after my sweetheart & kids are in bed (so far so good):

  • Monday & Wednesday: MUGEN character work
  • Tuesday & Thursday: Web work (mostly JavaScript game development lately)
  • Friday: new post here on my MUGEN blog
  • Saturday: new post on my Palagpat Coding
  • Sunday: rest

So, with that bit of site news out of the way, what did I work on this week? Two words: Parasite bugs. Namely, play testing the most current version of his code, identifying issues, and starting to fix them. He's slowly but surely getting better, which makes me happy.

I've also got an idea for a new Spoiler Alert (if you remember that old feature of the blog, you've been around here a while), inspired by my going to see the awesome Iron Man 3 with my comic-loving kids last weekend. I think it'll be fun. :)

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I've been experiencing some burnout as well lately. Want to sort of take time off and do sprite edits only... Anyway, cool to see you blogging again. Good luck with your schedule. Those can often be hard to keep. I'll always be reading them though!

Ha, I just now discovered your Spoiler Alert section. Nice...
I hope this schedule helps you out, but not just because I'm looking forward to what you're working on. It's tough to hear that creative people are suffering from or hovering around burnout, so I hope the schedule keeps you going. That includes the MUGEN blog, which I hope includes your being able to enjoy what others are working on! Best of luck with the schedule! Best of luck to you too, Twinimage!
Welcome back in Mugen!!!

Its good to know that u fixed some Parasite bugs!!! One feature i will like to see on him is the restoration of his old power set where when the fight started he had random powers!!

Plus lot of chars were released this year and the previous and i bet u will add more power sets!!

As for Mandarin I cant wait to see more progress!!! :)

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