Hal Jordan - Smart Palette

Friday, October 09, 2009

Hal Jordan's got a smart palette now
smart palette -- red lantern -- orange lantern
Sinestro corps -- Default (GL corps) -- blue/green lantern
indigo -- violet (Star Sapphire) -- black

First, a quick note on this week's outage: I've done a move from my old web host to Dreamhost, and it took a couple of days to get the domain to switch over correctly. There was probably a better way to do the transfer that wouldn't have taken it down for so long, but at least it's done now, and good for a year.

Now, to tonight's topic: Hal Jordan, the Multi-Spectrum Lantern ® (heh). Friend and ScruffyDragon forum member ArmageddoN sent me some feedback on the color corps palettes I've been showing off over the past several weeks, and ways to make them even better (separate the glove hands from forearms so the Sinestro Corps palette can be accurate, lighten up the torso & gloves on the Black Lantern palette, etc). I took his advice, and also added another shade in the lower torso to make the suits a little more comic-accurate.

Oh, and I also added a palette for Star Sapphire (i.e. Violet Lantern), just for giggles. ;)

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That looks great! So this smart palette, do all the sprites have it now, or are you working on that now?

Looking fantastic!
Cool! Now the hardest part - the waiting of Hal's release :)

P.S. Welcome back online!

Mugen fan from Russia
Yeah, working on adding that smart palette to all the other sprites now. Most of it won't be too bad, but the waist and wrist details will require a little more time and effort to get right.
lol very cool cant wait for realese o and are you going to change the logos on the chest or no just asking caint wait to play with
@shadoku: Thanks. :) But changing the logos via smart palette would take a LOT more time, so I'm probably not going to, no.
very interesting. very few creator's put in the time of day to make such unique palettes

nicely done
star sapphire hal? you disappoint me, URL user.
Like I said, just for giggles. Geoff Johns said that the Sapphires could potentially have men in their corps, if they "have great love in their heart" or somesuch. If it makes it more palatable to you, just consider that palette from the gender-swapped Earth-11 ;)
LMAO for Violet Hal!

Great work. (Black looks so much better) And WTF is the first one!?? Rainbow Lantern? LOL

Waiting eagerly for the release.
@Matiax: the first palette (top-left) is the "smart" palette itself; that's how the sprites will look if you open up the SFF file, and it's what lets me do variations like you see here.
Oh, that summarizes that I know nothing about spriting! Thanks.
Heh, no worries.

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