Upcoming Hal Jordan changes - a recap

Friday, October 16, 2009

This week I was a little light on spare time for MUGEN work, and what I had was spent on hand-editing Hal's sprites to use the new smart palette. Lots of work still to do there, plus the code changes. I'm also going to try and incorporate some of my fellow ScruffyDragon SethZankuten's changes that he's been giving Hal to play-balance him; more on that in a minute.

I thought I'd use this week's update to recap all of my plans for this next release of Hal Jordan, War of Light Edition (call it Version 2.0 WoL). From my notes, from visitor suggestions, and as best as I can recall, here are the changes you can expect in the next release, coming sometime before Blackest Night wraps next year (I kid; it'll likely be 2012 before it's ready to download, and the world may well have ended already. Or this upcoming Decemberween. Not really sure yet, frankly):

    General code changes:
  • Merge Knockout & Smackdown hypers (per Seth)
  • Ion Force hyper (Seth's new hyper)
  • Add a throw or two
  • No attacks or get-hits will generate power bar... you have to hold taunt (ring charge) to up your power
    All spectrum palettes:
  • Custom intro and win/lose poses (several donated by ScruffyDragon forum member Amon-Ra)
    Red Lantern:
  • More aggressive stance animation
  • No voice samples... all moves will be accompanied by growls, grunts, and screams
  • Replace Ring Strike special with a red vomit/blood/plasma attack
  • Replace Soldier of Oa hyper with fighter jet
  • More defensive stance animation
  • Alter Plasma Sphere special: instead of holding the opponent in place, it'll draw them closer to Hal for a follow-up attack
  • Replace Soldier of Oa hyper with an "Orange Corps" group beatdown: John, Guy, Kyle, and Kilowog
  • Replace Buzzsaw special with (different anti-air move)
  • Replace Knockout hyper with Parallax (fear entity, not Evil Hal)
    Blue (+Green):
  • Powerbar quickly recharges whenever you're idle for a short time
  • Special and hyper moves cost half as much power as normal (since I can't give you a "200%" power bar ;))
  • Defense stats will be slightly higher, meaning he'll take a bit less damage than normally
  • Moves are occasionally blocked/missed/interrupted by the ring asking "what do you hope for?" (heh)
  • As with the others, custom intro and win/lose poses
  • Increased resistance to energy-based attacks
  • (New special move to absorb / redirect energy from other corps (e.g. GLs, Sinestro, etc))
  • Replace Battering Ram special with Teleport
  • Replace Smackdown hyper with Enforced Empathy (e.g. Penance Touch)
  • Custom voice clips
  • Super-robust healing factor (can only be KO'ed by a level-3 hyper)
  • Ring (i.e. power bar) charges very slowly, but using hyper moves won't deplete it

Hopefully more screenshots soon. I also have a YouTube preview vid in the works, but that's probably still a few weeks off.


I'm sure that your work is goin to be of the best Mugen Chars.
lol men buyog you are out doing your self lol i most definitely cant wait for release now lol men i hope its in october but if not then hopefully in december just keep me updated o and i noticed u didnt say anything a bout violet lantern hel jordan lol o and i think if u want you could like have an explosion spacial for yellow lantern hal like in the comics when hal shot the yellow power rings at sinestro and he made the explode lol just sayin
Let me say something. I thought Deadpool was coolest mugen char ever (at least 5 special intro vs different characters, different taunts, cool hypers and he was talking all the time). From now on i can say that after upcoming release Hal Jordan gonna be BESTMUGENCHARACTEREVER! The only character ever kick his @$$ gonna be Parasite. Release of upcoming Hal Jordan and somedaycoming Parasite gonna be the sedt days of my life.

Thanks Buyog, you still rocks!

«We are Buyog's creations. Everything else is just a chars.»

Mugen fan from Russia
Heh... you guys are making me blush. Anyway I hope he lives up to your expectations.
The world ending. The thought always gives me a good chuckle.

Look forward to all this Buyog.

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