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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

So, it seems like I should post something here tonight, since I missed an update last weekend, and since I'm working on a couple of pretty creepy villains, Sinestro and Parasite, that are somewhat Halloween-appropriate.

So what should I tell you about? Hmmm...

- no new screenshots yet, but I've gotten some great inspiration lately from the Blackest Night / War of Light storyline. Plus I've had several contributions from folks that have potential. Expect to see screenshots soon. :)

Parasite: some new stolen moves I can show off:
Eradicator's Flying Punch
Eradicator "Speed Punch" special

Starfire's Star Sphere
Starfire "Star Sphere" special

Poison Ivy's Toxic Kiss
Poison Ivy's "Toxic Kiss" special (sprites by Dead-X)

There are a few others I can't show yet because they're not coded, like Batzarro's Rhino Charge special he sprited for me in support of his cool Rhino character. Plus still quite a bit of "smart palette" re-editing still to do. Always more to be done with this guy... <sigh>

Oh! And I've started a site redesign that will integrate this blog with my other two into one big great ball of awesome. So far all I've done is move the navigation from the sidebar to the top, but there will be more tweaks, large and small, in the near future.

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You relly scared me, when missed an update last weekend :)

Parasite rocks! I wondering, how much Mb he gonna be in the end?
Status report about Hal Jordan?

P.S. Nice redesign, i really like it. Simple but effective.
Yeah, it was a pretty crazy week. Last week was too, but I didn't want to let this go.

Parasite's probably going to be a bit heavy... thinking in the neighborhood of 20-30MB or so, probably.

Hal's still progressing, but now I'm into the boring stuff, to me anyway: the re-editing for the new smart palette (not coincidentally, the same thing Parasite's stuck on).

Still need to extend the new navigation bar to all the rest of the pages on the site. Character sub-pages may be a bit tricky... I might try to fit in a breadcrumb trail.
I translate bios of DC characters to russian for our site (, so tell me 'bout boring work :). But let's face it, after the work is done you feel youself like king of the world. Don't worry. You have all time in the universe.

Sorry for my bad english

P.S. forget to sign my 1st post

Mugen fan from Russia
> let's face it, after the work is done you feel youself like king of the world <

Yeah, that's absolutely true, and a nice reminder, thanks. :)

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