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Saturday, November 21, 2009

This past week I've been working on building out Parasite's power-stealing support for several prominent X-Men characters (I suspect I'll have similar urges for DC teams at some point). Here are a few previews; I've also added some of these to his WIP page, but they're not all there yet:

Cyclops power set:

Parasite's Cyclone Kick special, stolen from Cyclops
Cyclone Kick special
Parasite's Mega Optic Blast hyper, stolen from Cyclops
Mega Optic Blast hyper

Storm power set (only the special so far):

Parasite's Typhoon special, stolen from Storm
Typhoon special

Iceman power set (only the special so far):

Parasite's Ice Boulder special, stolen from Iceman
Ice Boulder special

Nightcrawler power set (only the special so far):

Parasite's Teleport special, stolen from Nightcrawler
Teleport special

And given his recent "recruitment" into the X-Men, here's the Deadpool power set (Yeah, yeah, I know it's probably not gonna last. But I had to sneak these two in somehow!):

Parasite's Healing Taunt special, stolen from Deadpool
Healing Taunt special
Parasite's Hard to Kill hyper, stolen from Deadpool
Hard to Kill hyper

Note that I don't always copy actual powers from the MUGEN characters; sometimes, like with Deadpool, I just pick my own moves based on the powers of the character in question, and how I think a crook like Rudy would actually use them.

(I should also mention that Nightcrawler's BAMF is taken with permission from Twinimage's character, Storm & Iceman's moves are done with assistance from Batzarro, and I'm using edited typhoon whirlwind sprites inspired by those in Alucard's Storm)

Getting closer to the new release! Stay tuned.


This is so coool! Staying tuned.

P.S. give us a hint 'bout progress of Hal.

Mugen fan from Russia
Very Very cool indeed! Glad to see Nightcrawler's powerset added. :)

- Twinimage
Great! What Deadpool's power set hyper does again?
Thanks, guys.

@MffRussia: next update will be Hal-centric.

@Twin: thanks again for the use of your Nightcrawler's BAMF sprites. :)

@Matiax: The Deadpool hyper is a bit complicated, but pretty cool: if you get KO'ed with at least 1/3 of a full power bar, your health immediately regenerates up to however much power you have (1/2 power bar = 1/2 health, etc), and you stand back up. >:-)
Wow that looks so good. Very nice work.
Hello! I'm Hno.lobo!
Do you like The Blackest Night 5?
@Lobo: I haven't seen Blackest Night 5 yet; I'm on vacation and won't see my pull list until next week. Excited to see what happens, though. :)
woooaah cool

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