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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So this weekend I was working on filling out several more of Parasite's power sets, including the one I started for Guido (Strong Guy):

Parasite's Pinhead special, stolen from Strong Guy Parasite's Blanka Envy hyper, stolen from Strong Guy

Parasite's Pinhead special and Blanka Envy hyper (stolen from Strong Guy)

Then Sunday evening, my ScruffyDragon teammates and I were talking about our upcoming "12 Days of MUGEN" event that kicks off on Christmas Day, and what sorts of things we've been working on that could be ready by that time. One of the projects that came up was McCready's Guido... he's had a batch of updates on deck for a while now, but apparently the coder that was going to do them isn't able or willing to get the new version done, so I volunteered to step up and do it. Kinda helps me come full circle on that guy: I started coding the first version and had to hand him off to DG to polish, so now it looks like I may get the chance to finish the job I started so long ago.

As always, stay tuned...

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As always, I will definitely stay tuned. ;)
Cool! But don't forget 'bout Hal. I think he's closer to final release.

Mugen fan from Russia
@Russia: yeah, Hal's definitely still at the top of the list, Parasite close behind. Guido's probably 4th on the list. (I'll talk about 3rd soon ;))

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