New site feature: Google Translate

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I know from FeedBurner and Google Analytics that I have quite a few international (that is, non-U.S.) readers on this blog. As such, I thought translation would be a good feature to add. Today I have done just that: courtesy of Google, you now have the ability to select a language from the new drop-down in the right sidebar, and have this page's content translated into whatever language you'd like (they don't support every known language, but there are a LOT in there).

Let me know what you all think if this feature, and if you think it's worth keeping.

Oh, and in unrelated news, I'm working on an actual update. It seems Parasite was last seen on his way to the X-Men's island Utopia... expect chaos to ensue.


the translation is really bad... jaja i prefer reading it in english ;)
I am from Argentina!
Heh, I'm not too surprised. Supposedly, though, you can correct translation errors and help the service improve.
well thx but i read in english too,i m french,keep the good work!!!

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