Parasite Plus Hal Jordan Equals...?

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Quickie update tonight. Last weekend I had some productive hacking time while at my mother-in-law's for the Thanksgiving holiday; I put it to use working on updating my three blogs a bit more, especially pertaining to the navigation. Tonight I uploaded the latest update to this blog's template; the navigation toolbar you see in the header should be much nicer and more usable than the last attempt.

I promised in the comments thread for the last post that this one would be "Hal-centric", as people were asking about the progress I'm making on "War of Light" Hal Jordan. I spent part of last weekend's hacking time working on the complex state files that this new version of Hal is going to require; that effort is progressing, but I don't have any screenshots to show yet. Instead, I offer up the following:

War of Light powerset icons

I've been asked how Parasite is going to behave if he drains Hal when in one of his special-mode palettes. Now, you have an idea. And, as many of you probably know, Parasite is often my testbed for coding new moves for my characters, so at least some of Hal's special-mode attacks will probably get coded there first, then moved over to Hal's complex tree of state files when polished. The fun thing is that I know of character WIPs being discussed for Red Lantern Atrocitus, "Agent Orange" Larfleeze, Blue Lantern Saint Walker, Indigo Lantern Indigo-1, and Star Sapphire Carol Ferris, so in adding these power sets now, I'm building in future support for those characters down the road.

Finally, since it's December 1st, a note about this month: yes, I will be continuing the "12 Days of Christmas" tradition this year, together with my ScruffyDragon teammates. And since I know what some of the goodies are, I can say with full confidence that you're going to want to check back, here and at the ScruffyDragon portal, a few times between now and the 25th... ;)

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Salutes, i have the idea of how parasite will be have the differents emblems of each rings when parasite absorbe to Hal Jordan.

The idea is super simple. The move of Parasite for absorve the another character power, have to, inside of identific the character for aprove his power, have to make to the hal jordan use another statedef. That Hal Jordan's statedef have to make a changestate about of the palette that he will use, we have each statedef for change the parasite's statedef of each ring. When, for example, when Hal Jordan use the statedef of the yellow ring or any ring used, it have to hit to the parasite and change his statedef to a new statedef that say to the parasite char that have the yellow ring or any ring used by Hal Jordan.

Each statedef of Parasite for each ring identification, would be work for say to the char that Jordan is using a specific ring, the hitdef of parasite have to make to Hal Jordan change his statedef for select a statedef for Parasite, the Parasite statedef selected have to work for identific the Hal Jordan's ring used.

Resume and better explain:

Parasite will be, inside of abosrve the Hal jordan power, will be hit to Hal Jordan and will be change his statedef to one for Hal Jordan a specific hit to Parasite, and this new last hit will be depend of what ring or pallet is using and have to change the Parasite's statedef, this new statedef of parasite have to say to Parasite's char what ring Jordan is using.

im a good programmator for Mugen, for that i want to help.

I hope it will works for you.
@Geo: Thanks for the idea; I actually already have code that's working, though. :)

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