[Release Watch] Hal Jordan, Day 10

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Too bad not every day can be a take-the-netbook-on-the-drive day! Less got done yesterday on Blackest Night Hal Jordan, but it was in laying important groundwork.

I realized this morning that I haven't told you what the three remaining items on my tasklist actually ARE. Simple bugs? Relatively quick and easy to finish. These three, in contrast, may take as much as a couple of nights each:

  • [Blue Lantern mode] implement "what do you hope for?" ring interruptions (the handicap that keeps this mode from being too powerful)
  • [Orange Lantern mode] finish the Construct Corps custom hyper
  • [Black Lantern mode] finish the Nekron Rising custom hyper

Latest bug tally (unchanged from yesterday, since I'm still in progress):
Beta issues resolved: 68 of 71
Tasks remaining: 3

I spent last night starting to build out the Blue Lantern mode handicap. The ring effect and voice are done, now I just need to actually code the state that uses them to interrupt Hal's moves. I have the code already laid out in my mind, so hopefully I should be able to knock it out tonight.

And when I do, I'll be taking a break to watch All Star Superman. :)

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Hello i´m hno.lobo
I must admit I've been in expectation of the character you've been doing.
I hemocionado to see these to finish your work with Hal


A previous version I add the full oath of the Green Lantern Corps
I take the audio of this video:
I put in the intro "no evil ..."
Sweet! Are you planning to release him for Scruffyversary or before?
HermanoLobo: that's a good video clip. But I still prefer my short version of the oath for the official release of the character, however.

Matiax: I'll release him when he's done. ;) Scruffyversary this year is going to be different, more on that soon.
AH! Let me know how All-star Supes is...
I've been needing a reason to rent it at the local Redbox ;P

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