[Release Watch] Hal Jordan, Day 11

Friday, March 25, 2011

What do you hope for, Hal?

Well, that was fun. :)

Tonight I've finished implementing Blackest Night Hal Jordan's Blue Lantern handicap. Here's what I originally wrote about this concept:

  • quirk: moves sometimes interrupted by the ring asking "what do you hope for?"
  • The idea is that, as a tradeoff for the nearly-always-full power bar that the Blue Lantern ring provides, Hal sometimes gets interrupted — even if he's right in the middle of a move — by the ring pestering him. It adds a fun, unique dimension to this mode, and I like it quite a bit (if I do say so myself).

    Latest bug tally:
    Beta issues resolved: 69 of 71
    Tasks remaining: 2

    And now, it's time for All Star Superman. :)

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    "In brightest day, in blackest night,

    No evil shall escape His sight.

    Let those who worship evil's might

    Beware his power--Buyog's Green Lantern's light!"
    vamos buyog que si se puede, 2 bugs y finalizada tu obra maestra, un legado para todos los que conocen y juegan el MUGEN, un legado de buyog para el mundo ya que los juegos cambian pero el personaje queda.
    I'm so excited about this release. I really appreciate the time and effort you've put into Hal. Thank you very much!

    For what it's worth, your characters are all incredible and among my favorites in Mugen. I don't know why you aren't doing this professionally!
    How was All-Star Superman? I still haven't seen it yet.
    Thanks for the comments, guys. I hope the release doesn't disappoint you, but it's been so long in the making, I'm a little nervous it won't live up to the hype it's accumulated! <_<

    As for All Star Superman -- I liked it a lot. It wasn't able to hit all the points in Morrison & Quitely's original books, but it gets the spirit right, and ends on a high note. Sad that we had to lose Dwayne McDuffie so tragically, but what a great "last work" for him to leave behind.

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