[Release Watch] Hal Jordan, Day 12

Monday, March 28, 2011

Another weekend has come and gone, filled with house and yard work, errands, family time... and very little MUGEN work. But the new week is upon us, and I fully intend to finish and release Blackest Night Hal Jordan this week! (I'd originally thought about doing a second round of beta testing, but on reflection, he's ready to be seen by a bigger group of people than that.

As I said on Friday, there are two things left to be done; neither one is a bug, per se, but they're both necessary before the release:

  1. [Black Lantern mode] Nekron Rising — this move was stubbed in when I gave him to my beta team, but it's not yet finished: no sound effects, no collision boxes, and it doesn't do any damage. That said, it's closer to being done than #2:
  2. [Orange Lantern mode] Construct Corps hyper — Hal calls upon the orange light to create construct duplicates of his friends to help him attack. I'm planning on using Kilowog and John Stewart sprites, as I have permissions to both, but I may throw some others in as well if I have the time and inclination to sprite them. I still don't have a really good handle on how this move is going to play out, but as I experiement, it should start to come into focus.

Latest bug tally:
Beta issues resolved: 69 of 71
Tasks remaining: 2

Stay tuned this week for Hal, a beta announcement for another of my projects, and more.

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For the Construct Corps Hyper, it comes to my mind Deadpool's "Ninjas!" Special.
Animos Buyog que ya te queda poco para terninar esta obra de arte. Green lantern forever!!!!
The best mugen character is coming.
faltan 4 dias, que ansiedad!!

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