[Release Watch] Hal Jordan, Day 13

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nekron's disembodied construct-head

I've got the Black Lantern custom hyper, Nekron Rising, almost done. Needs a few sound and hitdef tweaks, but it's pretty much there. That just leaves me with the Orange Lantern mode's "Construct Corps" hyper left to do! :)

Latest bug tally:
Beta issues resolved: 70 of 71
Tasks remaining: 1!!

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OH MY GOSH,OH MY GOSH,OH MY GOSH,OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! the anticipation is BRUTAL!!!!!!!!

You are so AWESOME Mr Buyog!!!!!
Go BUYOG! I'm so excited! I wish every creator kept in touch with their fans as much as you. Seeing these daily progress reports is really nice. It shows how much you care about the project and keeps fans like me from getting antsy. Please do these for future projects/updates.
vamos buyog solo queda un error y listo, vamos que si se puede, se va a terminar por fin la espera tan larga desde el diciembre del 2010, hal jordan se ve increible, vamos que ya queda poco y los fans enloquecen por usar a hal jordan en sus mugen
I'm really hoping people see these "release watch" posts as my attempt at transparency, and not an effort to pump up hype... honestly I'm concerned that the hype surrounding this release is already far too high. That said, I hope to be a slightly more regular blogger here in the future, although probably not to this great a degree.
I've gotta say, the timing of this really amuses me, since I remember you saying that you weren't waiting until Scruffyversary to release this...

*points to calendar and giggles*

Funny how that works out, eh?
I will say, it is really cool to see what kind of thought process and other stuff goes on behind-the-scenes.
Well, my statement is true about not releasing this as part of Scruffyversary, but we haven't made that announcement yet, so...
vamos buyog, este es un char bastante esperado en la red, la publicidad a sido inevitable entendiendo que es el estreno con mas tiempo de espera por los fans en el 2011, hay otras grandes obras en cvg united, scruffydragon o infinitymugen pero si revisamos entre dichas paginas vemos que solo a hal jordan se le a hecho un seguimiento diario por parte de los jugadores mugen.
pronto te va tocar buyog crear una nueva intro que remplacé la anterior debido a que la nueva version de hal jordan se la merece.
@Anon: good point about the arcade intro.. the new release does deserve its own. Hmm.

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