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Friday, May 17, 2013

Someone mentioned last week in the comments to my previous post that they're excited to see if I add support for any new DC/Marvel characters to Parasite. At first, I kind of mentally resisted the idea, thinking that I had a huge list of buggy & incomplete moves to finish before I think about anything new.

And that's true. BUT...

This isn't a promise that I'm going to actually implement any new power sets, but I'm asking you all to comment below: what's new and cool in the past few years in the DC/Marvel MUGEN world? Also, what characters have you downloaded that you think Parasite should already support, and doesn't? (for example, I'm pretty sure if I tried to power drain Verz & Loganir's new Astonishing Cyclops that I wouldn't actually get a Cyclops power set in return)

As a reminder, here's his current 60 power sets (30 DC, 30 Marvel):

Parasite power sets
Parasite's power sets
SupermanCaptain America
BatmanSavage Hulk
Wonder WomanThor
GLIron Man
Plastic ManWolverine
Lex LuthorDr. Doom
DarkseidGhost Rider
SuperboyStrong Guy
DoomsdayMr. Fantastic
Poison IvyInvisible Woman
The AtomThe Thing
Martian ManhunterHuman Torch
Shazam/Captain MarvelSilver Surfer
Red Lantern (Atrocitus)Songbird
Agent Orange (Larfleeze)Omega Red
Indigo LanternRhino
Star SapphireIceman
Black LanternStorm

I've got room for 20 more from each side (not that I'm going to tackle 40 more, sheesh), so let the suggestions fly!


Here are some chars that were released the previous years:

Luke Cage
Scarlet Witch
Hope Summers
Jason Todd
Dex Starr
The Spider
Spider Carnage
Gorilla Grodd
Power Girl
Red Skull
Jay Garrick
Red Hulk
Black Widow
Mole Man
Proff X

Hope i helped u!!! :)

If i forgot something hope someone else can add chars on my list!! :)
Ryon... If you really want to make your Parasite compatible with almost every MUGEN creation char (which that is a highly impossible task to do), then you're going to have to make different versions of Parasite. For example: The parasite that you have already out or you're updating then you should just finish him up and let him be the version that has all the Marvel/DC power stealing abilities. Then I know you probably won't go for this because it's obvious you don't want to go through that whole mess but just create or copy from scratch other different versions of Parasites and erase all his moves which involve stealing powers from Marvel/DC chars and just implement ones like Ryu,Ken,Fei Long, Chun Li,Terry Borgard,Gueese Howard,Andy Borgard, Goku,Ichigo Kurosaki,Vegeta,Chado, Ishida Uryu,Krillin,etc. U get what I'm trying to say... I hope this gives u an idea and helps you out and ofcourse it'll be great for us fans as well. P.S. I don't mean to give you more work than you already have but you did ask us fans to give you ideas, so here's mines. I hope you enjoy and take at least a few from what I mentioned. Thanks for your time. Lataz/Peace!!!
How about the Sentry and that super secret icon I made for you that's suppose to be a surprise power set that's a call back to a previous fighting game that I sent you via PMs.

Hint hint, nudge nudge Buyog boy.

HAHA! But I don't want to over stimulate you so with the two I mentioned, I like NX-Men's idea for an Ant-Man Power slot. But other then that, Ultron, the Mandarin, and Possibly Hawkman are the only ones I really want. But I'd say DEFINITELY do the Sentry one and super secret one (if you don't remember, I'll PM you) if you had to chose two.

The Sentry's moveset you could go with the MVC version by Infinity OR work on a new set like a Yellow energy blast Ala Doom's for his special and maybe a beat down, an explosion, and a void attack for the hyper. OH OH OH! And he definitely needs a special intro with the sentry saying something like "Hey! You look familiar, Golden Boy!"

Plus there's that one intro idea I told you a few years ago involving that fake Parasite from the new adventures of Superman. The intro would be very similar to the one that Iceman based Sprites Silver Surfer has, where we see that awful one floating by and the real Surfer smacks him off the screen.

Those are my ideas but if you want to go even further beyond Marvel and DC and say have power sets from certain enemies of Ninja Turtles, then I got some ideas. :D

But that's all for now, let me know what you think. :)
My opinion is to rework what you have and implement the most common power sets that are common in most comics. Then make those power sets active when absorbing from specific characters, thus you eliminate the need to be adding more and more power sets down the road.

You could replace the power set icons with icons that show what kind of power it is. For example:

force field
counter move/shield
armor/absorbing projectiles
telepathy/astral form
smashing ground
healing factor
lantern powers
symbiote powers

Perhaps you could have special icons for specific characters, like Superman, Hal, Spidey, etc., similar to having a special intro to a character. Other characters would have to settle for sharing the generic power sets.

If it's a non-comic book character, or they aren't listed in the code, then he could always gain life, power or some other thing, similar to Rogue in MvC2.

Well, that's my two cents. In my mind it's the most logical and less cumbersome in the long run. I think your character will last longer if you do this.

Aside from his power sets, from last time I remember playing Parasite, he could stand to be more combo friendly and move a little faster. I realize he's a bigger character thus slower, but I usually find it hard to use him in a fight. Maybe I'm just biased and prefer faster moving characters. lol

Best of luck with all your work! :)
I think having a Scarecrow set would be great, along with Ant-Man.
Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone. I'll check these out when I get back to town (I'm in SF on business right now).

@Anon / @Twin: you both raise valid points, and I agree that I can't keep shoving stuff into his move set forever, but I think maybe a hybrid approach is best. I'll elaborate in this week's post.

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