Powerset Drain

Friday, May 24, 2013

Last week, I asked for ideas on new power sets to give to Parasite, and you guys came through, thanks!

Two commenters, one anonymous and one my friend TwinImage, pointed out that I can't keep adding power sets forever, or else Parasite will never be "done". They're both right, but I don't want to pull out all the power sets I've put in, because I've grown quite attached to some of them. I think what I'm going to end up doing is this: I'll provide complete support for a plurality of DC and Marvel heavy-hitters, hopefully all Capcom-produced Marvel characters and all the great MUGEN-only ones. Then I'll do like TwinImage suggested, and implement a handful of generic power sets for all other characters he might encounter, including things like strength, speed, super-armor, etc.

I'd hoped to have some screenshots of new stuff to show this week, but I've been working out of town, and MUGEN doesn't work on my Mac. So next week, we'll see what we see.


I love this idea of Friday posting. I call it Buyog Friday lol. I'm glad to see that you're still interested in mugen. Hope you'll stay this way.
Cool!! Cant wait for more news!! :)
Sounds really good! :)
Hope you're enjoying being out of town. It's nice to get away for a while.
cool even though you returned Buyog their characters are all good the parasite has several mistakes and char fullest power of Marvel and Dc congratulations chars followed the blog from the beginning and want to see Parasite getting better thanks
I icon sprites for Major Force power :)
Thanks, everyone. Especially Blagoy for the icon. :)

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