Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nothing new to say because we're in the middle of executing a 3000-mile move from the U.S. East Coast to the West Coast. Should have plenty to say next week, if I get the down time I'm expecting.


Take your time Buyog!!!! :)
Hey Buyog... I thought you already lived in Cali??? How can you be moving from the East Coast to the West Coast? Anyways... I hope your move goes well. Just take your time and don't stress out too much o.k..
Used to be in Cali, but we've been in the DC area for the past five years or so. Being in software, we've bounced around a fair bit. Hoping this one sticks.
Hello Ryan, long time no see!
I've been reading your latest news and I'm glad to hear you keep working with your mugen wips. Cool stuff the github with Mandarin progress, as a suggestion if you keep the rings to be explored only in specials maybe you can try add the Heart of Darkness orb for hypers somehow.
The Parasite plans you posting also sounds cool, will add more depth to the character.

I wish good luck with your moving to the West Coast and the new job!
Hey Rick! Nice of you to drop by! Thanks for the comments & suggestions; it's slow going these days, but it feels good to be working on something MUGEN-related, even if it'll take longer than it used to to finish. (I'm sure you can relate)
Good to know soon will be return to the mugen stage take your time man you give us some work when you are ready all give the welcome luck in all my friend....!

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