You'll never see him coming.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The eagle-eyed among my readers may have noticed that I created new projects this week on my Github page for Mandarin and Sinestro. The even more watchful may have noticed in a feed reader that I just created 19 issues on the Mandarin project.

Yes, that means I'm working on him.

Mandarin freezing Parasite with a cold ray
Freezing Ray special

I felt like it was his turn.


Nice freezing ray special for Mandarin and Sinestro looks to be close to a 1.0 release. Good work Buyog.

Thats amazing news Buyog!!!!

Really cant wait for him!!!

Maybe the beams can come out from his ring and be thinner but i like it as it is in the screenshot as well!!!

Excellent work!!! :)
WWOOOHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Ryan! Nice work so far on Mandarin. I'm looking foward to when he's playable. Keep up the good work. And also on Sinestro as well.
All I have to say is: FINALLY!
Looks cool. Looking forward to see how he will play.
Lol @ the title, which brings up a question: Will he have any elements from Iron Man 3? i.e. Voice, Intros, any references? For example, in your Luthor, one of his taunts I think it was, he yells "wrong", like in Superman Returns.
Thanks, everyone. :)

@Zaxis: yes, I think at least some IM3 references are an absolute must, given the way that all played out (no spoilers here, just in case, but I may have a "Spoiler Alert" post to give folks a preview of what I have in mind...)

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