[Release Watch] Hal Jordan, Day 14

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nekron's disembodied construct-head

Last night I finished the Black Lantern custom hyper, Nekron Rising. Took more time than I'd anticipated, but I like it a lot better now. I also got a bug report from my co-creator, ArmageddoN, on a couple of minor things that he'd found in my latest build. Sooooo.... back up to 4 tasks remaining:

Latest bug tally:
Beta issues resolved: 70 of 74
Tasks remaining: 4

I still owe a post on our plans for Scruffyversary, which would normally be starting tomorrow. I'll try and put that up tonight.

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While I can totally understand and appreciate all the work you have done and taking the time to get things just right, I am so dissapointed not to be getting Hal today lol Thanks for all the hard work you do and can not wait for Hal to be released!!
Yeah, I'd hoped today was going to be the day, and we're painfully close, but I'd really hate to release when he's not yet perfect.
Do u have any other surprises for us during the Scruffyversary except Hal's release??
Oh, April this year will definitely have its share of surprises, yes.
que paso con scruffydragon.com? acaso acabaron la pagina, ya no habra scruffyversary?
Mira la fecha: 1 de abril. ;)

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