[Release Watch] Hal Jordan, Day 15

Monday, April 04, 2011

I've mentioned before how I don't get much MUGEN work done on the weekends. This trend continues, and yet from Friday night until now, I've managed to do a couple of things to move this ball a bit closer to the goal, fixing the bugs my buddy ArmageddoN told me about a few days ago:

  • fixed: something strange happens if you beat the opponent using selfish grab
  • fixed: Smackdown sprites move faster than the gloves

The way I fixed that second bug was kind of sneaky: because Red Lantern Hal moves slightly faster than the other modes, it was a bit of a pain to fix the Smackdown hyper to work right for him, and still work the same for all the other modes... so I just changed his custom move trigger. Instead of his custom hyper, Construct Corps, replacing Soldier of Oa, it now replaces Smackdown. Soldier of Oa isn't messed up by his speed boost, so, problem solved. ;)

Latest bug tally:
Beta issues resolved: 72 of 74
Tasks remaining: 2

I've got some sprites to dig off the hard drive on my old, dead PC, before I can finish the Orange mode's Construct Corps hyper, but I'll hopefully be able to do that tomorrow.

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