Saturday, April 02, 2011

Many of you may have noticed that yesterday was "don't believe everything you read on the Internet day", otherwise known as April Fools Day. Our little contribution was the Latino "takeover" of the ScruffyDragon forums for the day (in fact, as I write this, they're still like that). This is a real announcement, hidden in a joke — in fact we DO have a Latino forum now (which I'll call SDL for short) whose real URL is If you speak Spanish, and would feel more comfortable hanging out there instead of the English site, please feel free to sign up over there. The domain for the English forum will switch back soon, but both sites will remain up. The neat thing about SDL is that you're likely to see members of the ScruffyDragon team over there that hardly ever (if at all) post on the English side of things: ArielCo, JeffPR, and probably others as it grows.

That leads me to thing #2: Scruffyversary, our annual celebration of the cool stuff our team is doing. In a nutshell, this year is going to be a little different: instead of April being a month full of teases, videos, and releases, it's going to be much more low-key, and we'll be moving the official Scruffyversary celebration to the summer. There are a few good reasons for doing this:

  1. The senior Dragons are all pretty swamped in April, and our schedules free up quite a bit around June/July, so we'll be able to do more cool stuff.
  2. It spreads the big Scruffy celebrations out a little more evenly: the 12 Days of Christmas in December/January, and the Scruffyversary around 6 months its opposite.
  3. It gives us more time to finish the thing we want most to finish (I'll let you figure out what that might be ;))

So, yeah. No Scruffyversary this month, sorry. :(


I have plans for my own creations this month. I know a few others on the team do as well. Plus the main forum will be marking a cool milestone sometime soon, and we'll likely organize some forum activities around it (think sprite contests, design challenges, that sort of thing). Plus there's now the new Latino Forum to grow, if you're into that. So despite the potentially disappointing lack of Scruffy holidays this month, there's still quite a bit going on. Stay tuned to this space, and both ScruffyDragon Forums, for much more to come.

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ScruffyDragon disappoints us again!!! Thanks god we will have CVG Fest this month and your release of hal to cheer us up!!!
I can understand how you feel, but honestly, is this really a surprise to people anymore? We Scruffies have been all but dormant for like a year now. If you want tons of releases of wildly variable quality (some amazing, some... less so), there are Infinity and CVG to fill that need. Don't misunderstand, I have friends on both sites, but quantity has never been our goal.
I understand! However the scruffy should inform us about characters progress and wips to keep our interest. On the other hand cvg show every progress of their work combined with a lot of surprices too! As for their chars they have good quality too
I agree that we should be more forthcoming about progress, but not everyone likes to blog as much as me. And I agree, some of the stuff coming out of CVG lately has been awesome... I love Toni's Supergirl.
Hehe me too!! I know that u are the one that show its progress of your wips more than everyoneand love your work!!! You rock!!! I am dying to hear news about your plans for your other wips too!!!
I have been a member on scruffydragon for a long while now. I even tried to get a martian manhunter made for them. So even though their is alot of waiting involved. Remember,the quality is usually worth the wait. Plus,alot of the people on scruffydragon are as good as most true video game designer sprite artists.

So as someone who has been here for a while,trust me. The wait is worth it. btw,buyog,do you feel Hal will be released this coming week or is he still on the backburner with anything extra?
buyog, lo que nos interesa a todos os fanaticos de tu trabajo es ┬┐hal jordan sera publicado en el transcurso de esta semana o sera hasta el scruffyversary?, todos andamos ansiosos siguiendo el desarrollo casi diaro de tu proyecto y esperamos que la situacion de scruffydragon sea aislada al desarrollo de hal jordan, por ahora nos mantendremos en linea con tu blog y a infinity mugen y a cvg united, ademas esperaremos el desarrollo de los proyectos de scruffy aunque es mejor no ilusionarse porque con scruffydragon nunca se sabe.
Guys: Hal is definitely NOT on my back burner. He'll be released as soon as he's ready, not waiting for any kind of Scruffy event.
ok buyog, but not angry man! jejeje XD
Hey Buyog! I'm sorry to hear that your Hal is not ready yet but on the other hand like you said "Quality" is worth the wait. Please don't do like Nintendo Corp... they make us wait sooo long for a game and then eventhough it's awesome in it's own respect but it doesn't really come out the way we gamers would like it to be or if not it's too kiddy and not for older maturer gamers. That being said: I can't wait for ALL of your projects to come out and I'm so excited about a new ScruffyLatino forum that you guys came out with. Since I'm Hispanic/Latino i'll defenetly be going there as much as I go to the English one. Now for 1 or 2 more request buyog.. PLEASE finish Yellow Lantern Hal and Sinestro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you can see YELLOW is my favorite color and to me they look so cool in those uniforms and ofcourse their powers. Other than that keep up the great work and I'll be cheering for you and your scruffy pals to keep working hard and coming out with those great releases. Chao/Bye!!
Yeah, I hate it when people "disappoint" with all their hard work that they do in their SPARE time that they charge you NOTHING for. It's just awful isn't it?

Note the sarcasm. Thanks to Buyog and others for putting in countless hours, even for the thankless.
Hey Buyog,

Will there really b4e a scruffyversary this year?
All I can tell you is that we've discussed it, and are working towards having a big Scruffyversary this summer.
oh nice.... because you do one of the nicest creations;.
Hi Buyog.
Sorry to interrupt again.
So,have you decided whether is it coming or not?
We really would love if it will happen.

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