[Release Watch] Hal Jordan, Day 16

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Mature Hal Jordan, sporting his Feux-Parallax threads, lays the sword action down

So tonight I cracked open my old, dead PC and dug out my hard drive full of MUGEN goodies, including the remixed version of Hal Jordan that my ScruffyDragon teammate SethZankuten did last year (sorry, it's not public yet), with an eye to grab a couple more things from his version to adapt (this was one of the three things ArmageddoN reminded me a few days ago that I'd wanted to do). Once I'd mounted that drive via external enclosure to my laptop, I grabbed what I needed, and brought that code in. The remixed, new-and-improved Emerald Swordsman is now complete.

I also tweaked the Black Lantern mode's Piercing Strike special to include a little forward momentum, further differentiating it from the regular Ring Strike moves. I'm pretty happy with Black mode now, and am thinking about cutting another YouTube vid of that mode in action.

That leaves me with just Orange Lantern mode's Construct Corps hyper to do, and it should be ready to show soon. And once that's done, he'll be ready for one final pass my my beta team. With any luck, we'll have a release by the weekend. :)

Status recap:

  • tweaked Piercing Strike to have a little fwd momentum
  • finished adapting Seth-tweaked Emerald Swordsman special
Beta issues resolved: 73 of 74
Tasks remaining: 1

Now, off to bed!

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I so hope you cracked all the bugs!!

Go Go Buyog!
Buyog, i dont really understand, look at your day 12 post, you said there that it wasn't nessacary to do a second beta round :(
Hmm. I DID say I wasn't going to do a second beta cycle, and I meant it. What I'm talking about is just a sanity check: "hey, beta people, please download and test this guy today before I release him tomorrow morning". So don't worry about another delay, beyond me finishing Construct Corps.
Chek out your messages, I think that's the last bug report I will be sending :D
I got it, thanks Arma. :)
All right Buyog!!! Keep on going until Hal is finally complete. I can't wait to download these new versions that you and your scruffymates came out with. I want to use them already. WWOOOHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Hopefully by the weekend we might have Hal Blackest nights out. Way a go Buyog.
P.S. That's inspiring me to finish my own edited SF versions chars. Thanks for the inspiration man.

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