[Release Watch] Hal Jordan, Day 18

Friday, April 08, 2011

Hal lets his Orange Lantern Corps constructs to the fighting for him

Only one small bug left to resolve with Blackest Night Hal's Construct Corps hyper for Orange Lantern mode! It's looking like tonight will be the night. :D

Status recap:

  • implemented orange mode's Construct Corps custom hyper (only one small bug left to find & fix!)
Beta issues resolved: 80 of 80
Tasks remaining: 0!

For now, I need sleep. Then work. Then family time. Check back around 10-11pm EDT tonight, I ought to have something interesting uploaded by then. ;)

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Awesome! But they look a bit... yellow.
B - Bombtastic :P
U - uber
Y - youthfully?
O - Oh so awsome
G - Great Guy :)
por fin el gran estreno de blackest night hal, estoy realmente emocionado contando las horas para que buyog lo suba al blog, estoy al borde del colapso por este estreno.
@Matiax: yeah, looking at that shot, they DO look a bit yellow. They don't look that way in the SFF, though, so it must be the effect of the transparency. I'll see what I can do to tweak it a bit.
cant wait fir realease but i was also hoping that you would finish sinestro before u stipped for ur long break of not make a nother green lantern i was really waiting for him well can u at least make a updated version before the movie comes out thatll be cool lol
@Shadoku: we'll have to see.
Hey there Buyog! I'm happy to hear that the blackest nights Hal's are coming out. I can't wait for them to be uploaded so I can download them and check them out. Oh yeah I also agree with shadoku, about sinestro. I would like if you can at least do an update on him before you really stop doing any more lanterns. He's one of my fav chars and I (and everyone else)would most appreciate if you can do this. Thanks for your time.
April 1st joke!!!
@huy: no, not a joke, I just fell asleep with the laptop in my lap and the last few bugs not fixed yet. I'm shooting for tonight.
buyog we turn it up soon, we look forward to seeing your work as it is done, should be a countdown timer for hours Release
vamos buyog libera a hal jordan, hoy domingo a las 10 seria magnifico.

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