Released: Blackest Night Hal Jordan!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blackest Night Hal Jordan: power rainbow all the way

Today, after far more work than I had originally expected, I bring to you the Blackest Night release for Mr. Harold Jordan, the Green/Red/Orange/Yellow/Blue/Indigo/Black Lantern!

It's been a long run to get this guy done, and I absolutely could NOT have done it without the able assistance of my fellow ScruffyDragons, Jet the Phoenix and ArmageddoN. A big thank-you to them both for all the custom sprite work; most of the new / re-paletted stuff is from the two of them.

CLICK HERE to download Hal (he'll soon have his own dedicated page here on my site, since he's so different from the previous release). Read the readme file in the archive for all the details about his different modes, give him a whirl, then I'd love to hear your feedback on the Scruffy release thread, or here on my blog.

As you know, I'd really hoped to have Hal done in time for the 12 Days of Christmas, but I just couldn't justify giving you something not as good as it could be just to meet an arbitrary deadline. I have my crack team of beta testers to thank for their role in making this release as tight as possible. Big thanks to each of them.

And, as always, thank all of you for your continued interest in and support of mine and my team's efforts. MUGEN is at its best when we are celebrating each other's achievements, and not complaining that people aren't giving us enough goodies. The world would be a better place if we all tried to be a little bit more like Saint Walker, and a little bit less like Larfleeze. ;)


Haven't tried him yet but thank you no matter what! I appreciate all the hard work you and your colleagues have put into this release. Take it easy Buyog I look forward to your next release but take a well deserved break first!
Genial!!! voy a probar a hal jordan. Eres un artista buyog, has creado un personaje unico.
i like the new hal played for a bit with each mode on 1.0 seems to works fine for me

*side note* u've done the others you might as well induct him into the star sapphires and complete the set o and i forgot about him being a white lantern at one point maybe some future project ideas there then it will truly be blackest night hal jordan
Thank you Buyog,dowloading....
Awesome char Buyog, nice work! 7 in one.
Sorry for our incovenience, but do you want bigger proof that people enjoy your chars?
Thank you for upgrading mugen's quality
Never commented before, but man I have been anticipating this to a level that came close to mania(!) since the 12 days. gotta say, thanks for taking the time to do this (all this effort MUST mean its a labour of love) - Hal is definitely one of my favourite heroes ever, great to see him represented so well!
Thanks Buyog for your work this is a much tighter hal jordan i know people will kill me for saying this but is there a way to make The Ring Slinging Hyper Multi hit it only hits the opponent one or two times
finally been waiting almost 2 years for him lol thanks really buyog not i can start playing mugen again lol now if you have time not trying to pressure you or anything but if you have time can we get an updated version of sinestro plzzz thx man
This Character is Incredible Mr.Buyog I can't Stop using Him,you've really outdone yourself,Thank you so much for putting so much time and effort into your work,we waited close to 2 years for him and he was worth the wait!
thank you.....

My feedback

-A lot of his attacks cause debug error know as a truncated to integer this means that a code without floor or ceil with par these will cause this error to appear. All Fvar(4) needs to be floor(Fvar(4)) or ceil(Fvar(4))

-His collision aren’t so good majority of his animation have to many and some look like they were auto collision can’t tell. For example his stance has five boxes this can be broken down to two boxes one around the head and one around the body. Here is a good tutorial on how to do boxes correctly. I recommended you use Fighting Factory Ultimate it easier to fix the boxes than Fighting Factory since the ultimate has a button to remove boxes

-Some of his attacks don’t have any hit sparks while some do.

-The Hyper where he rides the horse the damage seems very weak compare to actual hyper damage of others

-It kinda hard to perform air combos with him when finishing the combo with air strong punch or strong kick since it doesn’t connect very well.’

-The Hyper where he pound the ground and shoot a lot of rings does way to much for level 1 hyper depending on many rings hit you.

-His Run Dash and Air Dash are infinitely meaning there is no stop time

-Large debug flood missing enemy caused at the end of Arcade mode this is usually cause when a portion of code in statedef -2 and -3 is missing the triggerall = numnemy > 0 where code contains enemy or enemy near.
@Anon: thanks for the detailed bug report. One question (maybe more later): which version of MUGEN are you using? I'm using no-limit WinMUGEN, and I'm pretty sure I would have seen some of these debug floods...
Thanks Man !!Nice Job B_T
@Buyog I'm using Mugen 1.0 that probably the problem though you see exponent are kinda buggy in no limit winmugen meaning some coding errors won't show in the old win mugen while some will show in Mugen 1.0. Mugen 1.0 is more case sensitive when it comes to code.

Also I found another problem he gains power when performing his supers character aren't suppose to gain power when performing their supers that take away power only. This is usually caused when the hitdef of the hyper doesn't have the getpower = 0,0 code in the hitdef code or could it be a gaining poweradd or maybe both. I saw this problem in his Horse Hyper, but you may want to check all of the hypers hitdef to make sure that the getpower = 0,0 code is there and no plus poweradd are there either.
Is Ion Force meant to be usable in air? Because it is. And the air version stays Ion Force, not Ion Wave, in Blue Lantern mode.
Also, Skull Swarm does not replace Emerald Swordsman due to being on QCB+P. Perhaps swap the Piercing Strike and Skull Swarm commands for the desired effect?
Aha, I figured this was a MUGEN 1.0 issue. Reviewing all of my characters on that engine is a task I need to undertake soon. I'm aware of the getpower issues, they just got lost among all of the other things I changed, and I forgot.

As for Ion Force, yes, it was always meant to be both ground and air, but since I didn't make an air version of Ion Wave, Blue gets the default.

Skull Swarm actually replaces *Buzzcut*; that's a typo in the readme.
hey buyog i thought the only way a the black lantern hal could die was if it was defeated by a level 3 hyper i really liked that idea lol but its still good also the blue klantern interruption is soooooo annoying lol thats a good thing i guess everytime im about to hit them with a combo hyper it gets canceled out lol but hes really fun
- Skull Swarm QCB + P (ground/air) (replaces Buzzcut / Emerald Swordsman)

My point is, the air version is a new move, as there is no aerial QCB+P move in other modes. I would recommend making it replace Ring Shot, instead, so the air version correctly replaces Emerald Swordsman, leaving Piercing Strike to take the ground-only place of Buzzcut.
One more thing it more of a suggestion you may want to give him block hit sparks since he currently doesn't have any.
en resumidas palabras FANTASTICO!! BUYOG LO HAS HECHO DE NUEVO!!, no esperaba menos de un trabajo que llevo 4 meses y mucho esfuerzo, hay cosas que algunos diran que hay que corregir o que en un futuro pueden agregarse pero por ahora es un 10/10!, por ahora jugare hasta que me sangren los dedos y comparare la AI del green lantern anterior con el actual a ver quien es mas fuerte y por ahora sera esperar a ver si en un futuro cercano se lanza un parasite, elektra o invisible woman, con el excelente trabajo de buyog nunca se sabe donde sera el limite.
@Shadoku: the goal was to make black mode only killable by a level-3 hyper, but that turned out to be rather a pain to code and pretty buggy, so instead he's got a crazy-powerful healing factor that allows you to heal from any damage if you just hold still for a few seconds. The AI doesn't know how to use this to its advantage yet, though. And I'm glad you find the blue lantern ring annoying -- that was entirely the point! ;) (although I may adjust the frequency of the interruption in the future if it seems to be happening too often)

@Anon: I see what you're saying about Skull Swarm, and I understand the logic behind your suggestion. I'll definitely take a look at how best to balance the commands for the black moveset with the others.
yo congrats buyog!! hal is amazing let me know if u need me to beta test for u agian in the future. peace out
"MUGEN is at its best when we are celebrating each other's achievements..."
I couldn't agree more. I imagine the huge amount of work you and the others ScruffyDragons had to endure. Thank you very much for sharing this fantastic character.
Truncated to interger spam.
> Truncated to interger spam.

Yeah, we already covered this in an earlier comment. Hal was written using No-Limit WinMUGEN, *not* MUGEN 1.0, so I wasn't aware of any debug spam when using that engine. (that's the subject of another post)
Hey B,

Just finished updating the Atom...

Compatibility with your new Hal, and I added Death Lantern support..;sa=view;down=181
Ah, I did also find a Few bugs~

When Blue Lantern Hal is thrown,
IF the ring interrupts the throw
it's possible for Hal to fall
past the floor~

In Orange Lantern during the Construst Hyper
If Killawog hits the enemy before John does
John disappears before kicking them.
It's most likely to happen at full screen.

Geez, B
I'm still really amazed at how much work
and fun you squeezed into Hal.

Once again, Great Job!
I am enjoying the characters, but notice that (randomly?) I the character cannot jump and seems to shake when I attempt it. Not sure if its affecting GL Hal but noticed this with RL, BL, and OL Hal. Any ideas what this might be?
Awesome work you did with hal, Buyog, congrats :D as a GL and especially BN fan, I'm very pleased with this release and I hope you can finish your Sinestro and added a Green Lantern and a White Lantern modes as you did with Hal and Lex Luthor with his Agent Orange mode.

Days ago, I made a wall-of-text feedback in Guild, I think you should see this:

@Ecks: thanks, I'm glad to see you're working on Atom again. :) I'll make note of those bugs you mentioned.

@Dale: weird. Which MUGEN are you running?

@Basara-kun: thanks for the feedback; I'll check that Guild thread tonight.
I'm using MUGEN All Characters Battle Zero. I'm just a player and have little experience beyond adding characters. But I'm assuming this not a common problem as I've heard nothing like it.

And just playing this morning, it happens to GL as well.
Dale: Huh, weird. Can you give me any idea of what actions you're doing right before getting stuck like this?
There's no actions that I perform, the round starts and I can walk back and forward, dash and all, but when I try to jump the character starts to shake and just doesn't jump.

Never had this happen with the original Hal or any other character, perhaps I should just re-download it?
Es un char Increible!!!! Buen trabajo buyog. Eres un artista y el mejor creador de personajes MUGEN. Son 7 en 1, es asombroso. Felicidades por tu creación.
@dale: huh, weird. I'll give it a look next time I'm working on him.
I was waiting for a better version of Hal Jordan, and, really, this version has exceeded all my expectations.
My sincerely congratulations.
Que char tan increible. Buen trabajo Buyog, eres el mejor.
welcome back,
your blog disappeared for a few days~
Yeah, sorry about that... Big changes coming soon here on the House of B.

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