[Release Watch] Hal Jordan, Day 17

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Last night I got a message from my co-creator on Blackest Night Hal, ArmageddoN, with his final list of bugs he'd found; my work these past few nights had introduced several more issues, albeit small ones. I spent tonight fixing them, then worked a bit on the Construct Corps sprites, but didn't get far enough along to really show it off yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Status recap:

  • fixed broken command for the custom air specials for orange / blue modes
  • fixed Emerald Swordsman sword color for black mode
  • fixed broken command for blue mode's air ion storm
  • tweaked yellow mode's Golden Dragons hyper (dragon hitdef timings)
  • fixed dash lines for black mode
  • added taunt (but not lantern charge) for orange and black modes
Beta issues resolved: 79 of 80
Tasks remaining: 1

We're so excited to be close to releasing this guy into the wild! He's been a ton of fun to work on. That said, when he's released, I won't be wanting to work on another ring-slinger for a while (except maybe Mandarin, because he won't play at all like a member of one of the color-corps ;))

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wow!!!! U mean that Mandarin is on your plans too??? Thanks for the news!!!
Hey dude, so hyped about this release! But also saddened to hear about you not wanting to working on the others for awhile. What about Sinestro? Wouldn't it be cool and a lot easier to create/finish Sinestro now that you have a Sinestro corps look and attack set on HAL?

Either way, totally pumped and keep up the great work!
So does that mean forget about Sinestro anytime soon. If so, can we look to get the invisible woman sooner. Been waitng on her for like forever.
This will be one of the greatest characters ever created, and not just in MUGEN.
Forget about Sinestro and parasite !!! This Hal will be your masterpiece

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